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DIY Party Decoration Ideas

Sep 20

If you are looking for DIY party decoration ideas, you have come to the right place. From Paper fans to Glittered balloons, you can make decorations with the help of your own hands. You can even decorate the mantel with a paper pom-pom. Moreover, you can also use paper lanterns for decoration.



Paper fans

You can make paper fans as DIY party decoration ideas by cutting them into different shapes and sizes. You can use a 12x12-inch sheet of paper for large paper fans, and two sheets for medium-sized fans. You can also use a scoring board to cut small fans. To make these DIY decorations, you can download a PDF file of the instructions.

Another idea for using paper fans as DIY decorations is to make a plaid backdrop. To create a plaid backdrop, cut white and black cardstock into squares. You can also make a fringed backdrop using the same method as tassels. You can overlap the fringes to make the backdrop look fuller. You can also make two-tone paper fans by using two different colors and overlapping them to give them a two-tone look.

DIY paper fans can also be made from tissue paper. These fans can be made into rosettes, tissue paper confetti, or a variety of other decorations. They are great party decoration ideas that can be created inexpensively. And because they're so inexpensive, anyone can make them. Get creative and share your results! If you're feeling a little creative, you can even make your own tissue paper flowers for your guests.

To make a paper fan, you will need two sheets of scrapbook paper. First, fold the strips accordion-style back and forth on the scored lines. Then, glue the two pieces together in the center.

Glittered balloons

Balloon decor makes a classic party decoration, but you can easily upgrade them with glitter and confetti. You can even use streamers instead of plain string to hang the balloons. You can also let the kids paint the balloons or decorate them with tissue paper. If you're looking for a slightly messier DIY party decoration idea, glitter balloons might be the perfect choice for you.

Glitter-dipped balloons are beautiful on their own, but they also look great when decorated for a holiday. For instance, if you're planning a Valentine's Day party, you can use red and pink coloring and heart shapes to create a beautiful centerpiece.

If your party is outdoors, you can create colorful balloon decor and a balloon arch. This centerpiece is easy to create and can be used for any theme. It is also a good way to incorporate more color to any table. This balloon decoration is also great for spring and summer parties. You can even upcycle an old container to use for this project. Make sure to use different sizes of balloons so you can create a colorful and unique centerpiece.

You can also use balloon decor to cover the walls or add photos to them. A gold-dipped balloon is a perfect last-minute addition to any party, and they are extremely easy to make. A strand of green leaves or string can be tied to a balloon for an eye-catching decoration. Using gold-dipped balloons can be a sophisticated option or a fun way to add style to a child's party.

Paper lanterns

Chinese paper lanterns are an inexpensive and easy way to add a festive touch to any party. They can be made from a variety of materials and are quick to create. Even kids can help with the project, which can make it an ideal craft activity for a group of people. These decorations are simple to make and can be adorned with paper garland, bunting, and ribbon.

A paper lantern can be decorated in numerous ways, so you can use it as a centerpiece at any event or for decoration purposes. You can make these lanterns into different styles, colors, and themes, according to your tastes and occasion. For a springtime party, for instance, you can use lanterns with spring flower designs. You can also decorate them with tissue paper circles.

Another fun and inexpensive party decoration idea is to make centerpieces out of paper hot air balloons. These can be turned into lanterns by using extra jars. The tutorial by Little Miss Momma teaches how to make jar centerpieces and paper lanterns. They look fantastic when decorated with a photo of the honoree, black-and-white pictures, and wooden sticks.

Photo booths

DIY photo booths are fun and easy to make. You can use open back picture frames or poster boards and decorate them to match your party theme. Use paints, fabric, or flower decorations to create a unique backdrop for your photo booth. You can also set up a backdrop with string lights or cloth.

Photo booths are a fun way to add entertainment and fun to any party. You can set up a DIY photo booth by sectioning off a small area. Then, set up a backdrop, a camera, and some sequins. You can also pick up some tinsel garland at the dollar store. Make the photo booth look extra-special with a vintage theme.

Photo booths are the perfect way to capture memories. You can add floral backdrops to make the photo booth feel more elegant and sophisticated. If you want to keep the look subtle, try using garlands, creepers, or flowers to create a beautiful floral backdrop. Lighting is a major factor in getting the right picture, so you might want to invest in a good lighting system. You can find string lights in every shape and color, so you'll be able to create the perfect picture for your guests.

Another DIY photo booth idea is to have a blackboard photo booth. You can decorate the board with memorable quotes, jokes, or illustrations. This way, your guests will remember the party while looking at the photos. The pictures can also be sent to guests as party favors.

Paper flowers

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, anniversary party, or just looking for unique party decoration ideas, you can't go wrong with paper flowers. Not only are they a fun craft, but they also make a great gift. The soft and wavy petals make paper flowers a perfect choice for a spring afternoon of crafting or for a Mother's Day gift. Regardless of the occasion, paper flowers can be made of any materials and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Another great feature of paper flowers is that they look realistic and can last for years. Unlike real flowers, paper flowers don't need watering or maintenance. You can make paper flowers to fit any theme or event, and the cost is usually much less than buying fresh flowers. And while fresh flowers require a weekly replacement, paper flowers are always fresh.

Paper flowers are surprisingly easy to make and will lift your party decorations to the next level. Even if you're new to paper crafts, paper flowers are a fun way to practice your skills. We've compiled 28 DIY paper flower tutorials that can give you some great ideas for creating stunning paper flowers.

Paper flowers are a great way to add color to any party and can be made into garlands for tables. You can create any size and color you like, and you can even create a combination of colors to create a more vibrant and fun party theme. You can then tie them with ribbons and hang them on a table or wall.


Pinatas are a great way to add a little bit of fun to a birthday or party. You can fill them with candies, toys, or other party favors. Just remember to wrap all candy well before placing it inside. Also, make sure to carefully hang the pinata to prevent spillage. The location where you hang it should also be carefully thought out. It should support the rope running over it and be sturdy enough to withstand the force of a stick hitting the pinata.

Pinatas can be made in a variety of styles and themes. Some pinatas are shaped like animals, while others are shaped like flowers. You can even use a pinata to mark a special event, such as a Halloween celebration. If you'd like to create your own pinatas, check out the tutorials online. These DIY pinatas will add a fun and affordable touch to your celebration.

DIY party decoration ideas for a spring party can include pinatas. These are fun to create and double as photo booth props. They can also serve as colorful room or office decorations. Pinatas also make great photo props for the party photographer! They're easy to make and can be decorated with any type of paper or balloon you choose.

Kids can also use pinatas to decorate their birthday party. A pinata made of paper can be a fun way to create a photo backdrop. You can make the pinatas in different colors so that they look ombre. Just remember to clean up afterwards, though, because pinatas can get messy when the kids open them!



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