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7 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Newborn Photographer

Sep 29

This blog post will help you choose a newborn photographer victoria bc. These are some things you should ask when booking a newborn photographer. It is an important decision to choose a newborn photographer. It is essential to do it correctly because these images will be special memories.

It is essential to choose a photographer early in pregnancy. To ensure your choice of photographer is available, I recommend booking your appointment after your first scan.

It can be fun to choose a photographer. Each photographer is unique, and many options are available to fit every budget and style.


These seven questions, based on my experience with newborn photographers, are helpful to research when booking your photographer

1. Please tell me more about your fees

Parents can easily fall into the trap of thinking all newborn photographers are equal. I assure you that they are not. It is costly to have custom photography done. Each image is a labor of love. A professional photographer is recommended, as well as someone who is an expert in newborn photography. Their prices will reflect their ability to do a good job and are in high demand. Photography is an investment.

Ask your photographer how they structure their fees. Some photographers offer all-inclusive packages that include everything. Some photographers charge a la carte and will add a session fee and fees for printed products. Check to see if there are any minimum spend requirements.

Most photographers will require a deposit to secure a slot in their schedule. The deposit is non-refundable in most cases. Ask if you have any questions. Find out if your photographer offers digital images. Some photographers offer digital images, but not all.

2. Which country are you located in?

Think about how far you're willing to travel for a session. Maybe you have fallen in love with a photographer and are willing to travel an hour to meet them. You can also find a photographer who will come to your home if you don't want to leave the house. A few photographers offer home visits, but you should check if additional charges apply.

A studio may be more convenient for you. You can find out the address of the studio and how to park.

3. Please tell me more about your training.

The current regulation of the newborn photography industry is not in place. This means that there are no requirements for newborn photographers to have the necessary qualifications before they can offer their services. A newborn photographer could be a beginner photographer with no experience handling babies. This is a very concerning situation, but it happens all the time.

A photographer without the proper professional training could risk your baby. You should be cautious and hire a professional, experienced, trained photographer.

Do your research before making a booking if you don't have a recommendation from someone you trust.

Ask about the safety of the photographer's poses. Your baby should never be forced into uncomfortable positions or placed in danger by a photographer. Baby should never be placed in a basket, box or suspended from high places. Baby should always feel safe and at ease.

Spend some time looking for a photographer with a proven record of happy customers and high standards of professionalism. Experience is equally essential. Experience with newborn photography will make photographing babies, twins and triplets easy. You will be familiar with how to pose your baby safely and comfortably and techniques to calm and soothe the fussy newborn. They may be able to lull your baby into sleep, which could surprise you!

4. Which age do you prefer to work with?

It is essential to determine if the photographer you are interested in photographing your baby's age. It may seem silly, but we're talking about newborn babies, right?!

Some photographers might prefer it because babies tend to sleep less after birth and stretch more after that time. Some photographers prefer babies under two weeks of age to capture the cute curled-up baby poses. Some photographers will allow babies to be as old as eight weeks, but this is usually with the caveat that it may not always be possible.

Your photographer should be able to work with premature babies. These babies may be smaller than average. Although you won't know if this will be an essential aspect of your case until the birth, it is an excellent question.

5. Are you able to meet my expectations?

Perhaps you have seen some examples of newborn photos and thought it would be a great idea to have a photographer create them with your baby. To set expectations, make sure to discuss these details before the shoot. Is your photographer able to recreate that pose?

Ask if you must bring your props or if they are included in the shoot. Many photographers have a wide selection of headbands, hats and wraps. It is worthwhile to check this out in advance. You are also welcome to bring your props. Perhaps you have a family heirloom or sentimental item that would be great for your photos. Can you have this item included in the photos by your photographer?

If you prefer that the photos not use props, please let us know in advance. You might also have a particular theme or color scheme in mind. Find out if the photographer can customize the styling to your requirements.

Photographers will often try to create as many different settings as possible throughout the shoot to ensure plenty of images to choose from. However, if you have any preferences in styling or colors, let the photographer know ahead of time to ensure they deliver what you want.